Blender 2.81 - Insect And Spiders Creation Full Course

by Yojigraphics in Training

In this training we will discover the process of creating spiders and insects. We will take as example the creation of a realistic wolfspider.

This training will allow you to discover a complete workflow and discover features of Blender for modeling , texturing and animation.

This course is divided into 7 chapters that will follow the entire process of creation from the basic modeling to texturing and importing into a game engine.

In the first chapter we will model the spider with polybuild techniques, then we will make the UV editing and texturing in chapter two. In chapter 3 we will add the hair partyicles into the model. Chapter 4 and 5 will be for rigging and animation, and then we will render the project on both rendering engines Cycles and Eevee in chapter 6. We will finally export the model with animations into Unity in the last chapter.

As a bonus in this training you will also find 4 complete models that have been produced with the same creative techniques, a dragonfly, a stag beetle, a praying mantis and a grasshopper these models are rigged and textured ready to be used in your projects. I do not put any restrictions into it.

The source files are included in the training and allow you to understand the entire workflow from the beginning to the end.

Thank you for appreciating my work and good training to all!

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Blender Version 2.81
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