Blender Earth Eevee/Cycles

by Blackray in Scripts and Addons

This is the Earth, and it works instantly and cyclically.


- Fake atmosphere that does not use volumes. It is based on Layer Weight and looks the same in both rendering engines. It is easily edited and clearly structured in the form of a shader. It has a blue, illuminated side, sunset and ozone layer.

- Flat clouds that look like three-dimensional due to the two layers and the normal map. They also cast shadows. On the shaded side of the earth, the clouds are illuminated by the lights of civilization.

- The surface of the earth has two layers, the illuminated and shaded side with lights.

- There is a colored glare from the sun due to the properties of the atmosphere.

- The earth has a correct inclination relative to the orbit of the sun.

- When the sun rotates, the earth is objectively illuminated and all layers work automatically, without the need to interact with textures and shader settings.

- The environment has procedural stars and the sun, it also rotates according to the rotation of the light source.

In the eevee video, rendering a single frame took 2 seconds on a GTX 780. Cycles - 1 min.