Bathroom And Toilet Assets Pack

by Mapper720 in Models

Different models for bathroom and toilet: bath, toilet, sink, tubs, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrushes, toilet brush, kovsh, towels.

All brands are fictional.

Some assets are single meshes, some consist of several meshes. If an asset consists of several meshes, all these meshes are grouped to a collection.

Liquid soap: basecol, rough, normal, stickers mask, all JPG, 2048x2048
Shampoo: one stickers texture (PNG, 2048x2048)
Toothpaste: one 1024x1024 JPG texture
Toothpaste box: basecolor and normal map, PNG, 2048x2048. Two variants of the normal map: smooth and flat shading, the first used in Blender.

Some objects randomly change their color when you duplicate them.

Most models are subdividable.

Subsurf level 0: 39713 verts, 34237 faces
Subsurf level 2: 303837 verts, 297934 faces