Back Me Up! The Ultimate Save Manager

by BD3D in Scripts and Addons

-> Work in progress.

the Back Me Up addon will give a real boost to blender 2.8 by drastically changing the way we handle files handling, saving, exporting and backing up your .blend with over 18 ultra-powerful features !

Thoses new functions will improve and secure your workflow like never before:

  • Instantly Create copies of your .blend while taking a screenshot of your workspace.
  • Instantly Incrementaly-save your .blend, by switching automatically to a new version.
  • Never forget saving anymore, with the save warning Pop-up that appear (if wanted) if you didn’t save for a long time.
  • Set up an automatic save every X minutes.
  • Set up an automatic copy creation every X minutes.
  • Instantly create copies of your Object(s)/Mesh/sculpt within the file in an new hidden collection with the new copy to collection operator.
  • Instantly Save every render slots of your file within a fingersnap.
  • Instantly replace your selected object by a Link of himself from a newly created file.
  • Instantly Save as an Export or as an Batch-Export your selected Meshe(s). For Ultra-fast export workflow !
  • Instantly Launch your .blend folder with your file explorer for an ultra-quick accessibility.
  • Instantly Save and Reload your file.
  • Disable manual quick save to avoid saving by mistake.
  • Instantly take and save a screenshot.
  • Instantly create copies of your script.
  • Instantly export and open your blender script.
  • Instantly incrementaly export your script.
  • Instantly export and open your images from the image/uv editor.
  • Always have a look at the Time, Worktime, Last save, Last Copy with custom timers.
  • Customize everything as you want with deep and precise addon preferences settings.
  • choose how you want to use the addon, customize the keymap, choose between a pie menu or a normal menu.


User Manual and Thread here !