B2u - Blender To Unity Prefab And Scene Exporter

by Cogumelo Softworks in Scripts and Addons

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  • Kivo about 1 month ago

    came across some errors, sent a message 2 months ago, no reply what so ever.

  • Mickael Krebs 6 months ago

    Excellent Addon, make my life so easier ! one click refresh all my scene from blender to unity is so cool. I use it since almost one month now and i don't want to work without now. I have just small bug with the material update option: when i uncheck this option, the material still refresh in unity from blender. it's not a big deal, but it's should be 5 stars with this option working proprely. Or maybe i don't use it right...
    In any case huge thank for this addon ! worth every penny

  • herise 6 months ago

    Hi,i use blender edition of 2.83,but i can't find the b2u node that get wrong material result in unity,who can i do?

  • dima 9 months ago

    the addon works quite well.
    but once the model is exported to unity the scale changes to 100 that's a problem.
    in my workflow it is infinite that the scale in the fbx file does not exceed 1 or is max 10.

  • UserUser12345 over 1 year ago

    Saves a lot of time! Thank you for making this tool! Now I can work in Blender and Unity as if it was one program. Modify you model in Blender, one click and you continue work in Unity. Before that multiple steps were required, and the annoying rotation issues.... argghhhh. Happy to have this tool :)

    • Cogumelo Softworks 11 months ago

      Thanks! ;)

  • Ethan Slay almost 2 years ago

    I bought this a few days ago. Very easy to install but a little tricky to figure out. I have a few issues with trying to use it so far. For example, when I try to export my scene, I get an error about materials with problems but no further information. Good product but more detailed explanations on how to use it and explaining some errors would be good. I would definitely recommend this.

    • Cogumelo Softworks 11 months ago

      This was very improved. Check it now

  • Ross over 2 years ago

    Cogumelo Softworks has created something that many Blender and Unity user's have been begging for. The only problem is the 3 min tutorial doesn't walk you through all the steps from A - Z and the manual doesn't either. When I move over to Unity to check and see if the export worked, it doesn't. I installed the B2U unity package into my Unity project before I export, I append the nodes into my Blender scene and use them, I UV unwrap my object...but to no avail, it just won't work when I export to unity. I'm thankful that Cogumelo Softworks has created this...but I just can't get it to work so until Cogumelo Softworks creates a better walkthrough tutorial, I would recommend saving your money and grind through the FBX method and drag your texture folder into the Unity project.

    • Cogumelo Softworks over 2 years ago

      Hi Ross.
      We are working in a better workflow for materials and more detailed installation guide for the next version.
      During this time we can keep contact inbox so we can help you to make it work for your case.

  • outokone-official almost 3 years ago

    Works really well for us, just need to follow tutorial to understand the workflow. Makes life so much easier. Hopefully future update bring support for animation, dubliverts etc.

  • Richard Sim about 3 years ago

    Unfortunately this is fatally buggy - it doesn't work for even the most simple use cases (that it's supposed to support!). Some issues are OS X-specific, are independent of the platform you're using. I've had to go in and fix a number of bugs already just to get basic functionality working, and there are still more needing to be fixed to use it to the advertised potential. Giving it 2 stars rather than one, as at least it's a starting point for building a working exporter/importer from.

    • Cogumelo Softworks almost 3 years ago

      Hi rsim. We use B2U in our studio everyday without problems so can you send to us the exactly bugs that you got? That would help us to improve the product for everyone.

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