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Add-on name: Auto_KritaToBlender_v2_1


Add the default shortcut keys and the function that users can customize shortcut keys, which makes it more convenient and efficient for users to create works . 

The default shortcut for Export.jpg: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+y

The default shortcut for Export.png: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+z

The way to set shortcut: Settings\Configure\Krita-Keyboard\Shortcuts-Scripts\ExportImage_v1_1

Installation Environment

Blender 2.80、2.81a、2.82、2.83、2.90、2.91


This is an add-on that can make Krita project update quickly in Blender. Its fast reading speed greatly improves the efficiency for Blender users to check the effect while using Krita and simplifies the users’ workflow. In addition, this add-on allows a Blender project to interact with multiple Krita projects.



Add-on name: Auto_KritaToBlender_v2_0

Installation Environment:

Blender 2.80、2.81a、2.82


  1. The effect of Krita projects can be checked in Blender quickly and the work efficiency will be improved. 

  2. The textures such as jpg, png can be exported.

  3. Multiple Krita projects can interact with a Blender project at the same time.

  4. It supports a large Krita project like 4K, 8K, and you can check the effect easily.

  5. Users can set up the hotkey with right-click at ‘export.jpg’, ‘export.png’.

Installation method:

This add-on is divided into Blender and Krita.

1. Installation for Blender part

Open ‘Edit--Preferences--Add-ons--Install’, then find ‘’. And install and toggle it.

2. Installation for Krita part

First, double-click the file named ‘install.bat’ in the archive.

Then, open Krita, and click ‘Settings--Configure Krita--Python Plugin Manager’. Check ‘Export Image’ in the right list. Now you can see export.jpg and export.png in Tools from the menu bar. 


1. Please click the start option. or it will fail to check the effect.

2. To achieve Feature 3, please check exportall.

3. If you fail to open Tools, it means that the RAM is used too high to complete this operation.. Please close other softwares or work other operations to relax RAM. But this error is relatively rare.

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