Astral Bench 3d Model

by Benianus 3d in Models

The bench forms a semi-circle in which the bench balances on its own weight, creating a seated sculpture free of obtrusive metal support elements. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The Astral Bench is a truly original design where two elements are repeated to create a self-supporting structure. One part forms the seat and the other part forms the back, culminating in an ingenious, integrated construction of a semi-circle.

It’s a clever design by Per Borre that has garnered numerous awards ever since its initial launch in 1979. Its clever configuration of geometric elements not only soften the linear construction, but also prevents any need for intrusive, supporting metal elements. Adding to the appeal of the open shape is the use of hard woods, making the Astral Bench conducive to any socially engaging space, whether indoors or outdoors. The modular makeup of the design itself means it can also be customised for special projects.

Simple, sculptural and distinctive, the Astral Bench has a graphic look with a universal appeal. It’s an aesthetically pleasing, practical design that’s a natural fit for both modern and historic architecture.

The model created with Blender 2.8x and all the textures are packed in the .blend file