Asset Sketcher V2.0

by ndee in Scripts and Addons

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  • Hgntrung 3 months ago

    very nice addon and quick support. Thanks Andreas.

  • perrin 3 months ago

    Super !

  • Bryan Draffen 5 months ago

    As an indie game developer who programs his own level loading algorithms based on some simple settings and the name of attached empty placeholders.. I was a bit weary buying this. But it works great! I can just parent my dummy (visual aid) object set to "do not export" to the empty object that tells my code where to copy the actual game objects. I love the fact I can just parent objects and with one click they work as an individual object and I can then use all the cool features you've programmed! Great stuff!

  • jacobo 9 months ago

    Completely broken in version 2.83. Can't add objects to scatter!!!! WTF????

  • Christoph Werner 10 months ago

    This Addon is a real life saver for everyone!
    You need a fast way to create environments or look for exact control when placing assets? Then don't miss this!
    One of my best Addon investments. It saves so much time! Great!

  • Tony Holmsten 10 months ago

    Works as advertised, solid. I bought it because i needed something that could spawn out a lot of objects easily with more precision then a particle system + weight painting. Creator also responds swiftly to support questions!

  • mamadyfr 11 months ago

    hello, i have an error message when i try to generate asset preview (sorry: google-translate)

  • Carl Erik Tengesdal about 1 year ago

    A very handy tool for populating a scene. Thanks :)

  • kangarooz3d about 1 year ago

    Wow ! Just amazing !! Exactly what I need to create my game pre-assembled assets. The Addon is very useful and easy to use (5 min to understand how to use it).

    Thanks a lot for it Andreas !

  • Lincoln Ward almost 2 years ago

    The single most useful addon I have ever installed. I can't begin to describe how much this speeds up my workflow.

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