Asset Sketcher V2.0

by ndee in Scripts and Addons

Asset Sketcher Documentation

Well, Asset Sketcher is a very simple Addon which explains itself by just testing it. Here is a documentation of all settings and features.

Upgrading to v1.0

If you are upgrading from v0.33 to v1.0 make sure to run the Version fix. Since the codebase and some internal structure of the addon has changed this is necessary. 

To run the fix press the "Spacebar" and type in "Asset Sketcher 1.0 Version Fix" and then run the operator.

This will update the asset list and all assets in the blendfile to the actual version.

Asset Library

The Asset Library is a list of all objects that can be painted with. The library supports normal mesh objects, goups and groupinstances. The add group operator only shows up if you have at least one group in your scene. All objects that are put into the group will be picked randomly for painting. Assets can be deleted from the Asset Library by just pressing the x button next to it. This will remove the Asset only from the Library but not from your scene.

Import Libraries
Since version 1.0 Asset Sketcher supports importing AssetLibraries into other Scenes. Just use the "Import Asset Library" Operator and a blendfile which has an Asset List setup already

Asset Categories
Use Asset Categories to better organize you Assets. That way it is easy to find your assets.

Physics Calculation
Use Buildin Phyics Calculation to quickly place your assets with phyics. Just select the assets you want to be calcualted and run the Operator "Calc Physics". Press ESC at any given time to stop the calculation.

Asset Settings

  • Make Single User - Objects that are added will have their own mesh data.
  • Asset Distance -  Defines with which Distance all objects are placed.(in Blender units)
  • Z-Offset - Defines with which Offset objects are placed to the ground.(in Blender units)
  • Surface Orientation - Objects are aligned to the ground normal. This slider lets you adjust how much objects are aligned.
  • Random Rotation X Y Z - This 3 values define with which value your objects are randomly rotated.
  • Sketch in Stroke Direction - If set, Objects will be facing into stroke direction.
  • Asset Scale - Defines which intial scale the object has when it is added to the scene.(in Blender units)
  • Random Scale X Y Z - Adds a random scale onto the placed object.
  • Constraint Scale - Constraints the random scale values together. This way it will have a uniform random scale value.

Canvas List

It can only be painted on objects that are in the canvas list. Just select an object and add it to the canvas. Remove an object by pressing the x button next to it.

Shortcuts and UI

  • Ctrl + Click - delets objects
  • Alt + Click -  picks objects directly from the scene. Works like a Colorpicker but for assets.
  • Ctrl + Z - Asset Sketcher has its own Undo List. So each brush Stroke is added to the undo history and can be accessed from it.
  • ESC - Ends the sketch mode
  • F - Set brush size
  • Shift + F - Set brush density
  • Q - Change the Axis which are painted on (Only for Grid Mode sketching)
  • Page Up, Page Down -  Increase or Decrease sketch layer (Grid Mode)
  • Ctrl + Alt + Click on and Asset autoset the sketch Layer in Grid Mode
  • Ctrl + Click on the Merge Operator merges objects and deletes inner double faces of objects (handy for Grid Mode)
  • Shift + Click on the Asset Select Icon will expand the Assets Selection
  • Ctrl + Click on the Asset Select Icon will undselect the Assets
  • Ctrl + Click on the Lock icon will unlock Assets again

When Starting the Sketchmode the user interface is locked to a certain level. You can work in the 3d view without any problems, but you cannot change the screen for that time. If you want to cancel the sketch mode, just press ESC or the Sketch Button again.

General Information

Only objects that are painted via the Addon can be deleted within the sketchmode. If the Asset Object does not exist anymore, the but is still in the Library and you try to paint with it, the addon throws a warning and exits the sketchmode. In this case I would advise you to remove the asset from the Library. The addon of course may contain bugs. I tried to squash out as many as possible, but for sure there may be some bugs still. If I update the addon in the future of course all updates will be for people who purchased it.