Asphalt Road Parametric Material

by Nodes and noodles in Materials, Shaders, Textures

Immediate Results
Transform a simple plane into a highly detailed, customisable, photorealistic asphalt road. Entirely procedural with no seams and no repeating patterns. No need for UV unwrapping for straight roads, simply apply this material and see a ready-made road appear before your eyes, resize the plane to fit your needs and your road is ready to render!
A quick and simple UV unwrap allows you to create curved and/or hilly roads just as easily.

Simple Yet Complete Control
Designed with speed and ease-of-use in mind, this material harnesses the power of a large, complex, highly optimised node tree...
...which you can control with two simple values;

Age introduces realistic, directional wear and damage based on real world asphalt and how it ages over time, including compression areas (where wheels would contact the road more regularly) and resultant expansion areas (where lumps, cracking, and breaking would happen). 

Wetness will first affect the surface as rain would and then begin to fill holes and cracks with a rising water level. 

Further customization is just as easy including;

  1. Number of lanes
  2. Lane width
  3. Roadside markings type (Single or Double line)
  4. Markings sizes and regularity
  5. Pit, Peak, and Crack heights for ageing effects
  6. All colours of surface and broken asphalt, markings, and de-colourisation of ageing and wetness effects

Optimised For Speed
No one wants to wait. We want to see our renders now!
This material was built with an entire suite of custom nodes using only the simplest mathematical operations for the utmost in optimisation, keeping those render times down to a minimum.

Even More Customisation
For artists who like to get their hands dirty, all sections of the material are clearly labelled so if you'd like to get in deep and change the fundamental workings of the material, you won't have to guess as to what any particular node does.

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