Animax - Procedural Animation System

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ANIMAX is a procedural animation system for Blender that makes animating multiple instances simple. It allows you to create complex animations – which are hard to achieve using Blender's built-in animation tools – much quicker and easier.


You may be asking yourself: why should I use this add-on?

The short answer is: it allows you to make highly professional animations with very little effort in a short space of time.

The workflow is straightforward. Simply choose one or multiple effects (or load a preset), then play with the parameters, and you’ll have an animation in no time – all with no math or geometry nodes required.

If you’re a motion graphics artist, ANIMAX makes a great addition to your toolbox.


  • Easy to use, simple UI and straightforward workflow.
  • Tools for fracturing a mesh object into pieces.
  • 12 different effects to choose from.
  • 34 animation presets.
  • 13 fracturing presets.
  • Save and load your custom presets.
  • You can animate the objects inside a collection.
  • You can add and animate texts procedurally.
  • You can animate any geometry node tree that outputs instances, in addition, it’s possible to change the inputs from the add-on’s UI.
  • Animate the materials with the help of the Attribute Node (Cycles & Eevee).
  • and much more… 

Change Log

V 2.3.0 Video

  • A new Voronoi fracturing tool.
  • Now it's possible to preview the cutters in the Slicing tool.
  • Slicing tool speed up, up to 3 times faster in some cases.
  • No need to apply the transform or modifiers before slicing.
  • Geometry Nodes Generators shipped with the add-on.
  • Playback optimization (Delete faded out instances).
  • A new operator to detect the issues in a mesh before fracturing it.

V 2.2.1

  • bug fix: fix the drivers when reloading the properties.

V 2.2.0

  • Upgrade to Blender 4.0.

V 2.1.1

  • bug fix: missing geometry output in Blender 3.5.

V 2.1.0

  • The ability to create custom UI control for the animations, by exposing the parameters of any effect in the items panel.
  • Bake the procedural animation to Keyframes or to Shape Keys.
  • A new operator for duplicating the Items.
  • 3 New Slicing presets.
  • Small presets fixs.
  • bug fix: Wrong index when loading a preset.
  • bug fix: Error when deleting the container.
  • bug fix: Items visibility operators weren't working properly.
  • bug fix: Error in copy, paste, with the syncronized effects.

V 2.0.0

The animation system is rewritten from scratch, as now the add-on is powered by geometry nodes, which opened up the door for a ton of new features:

  • 12 different effects, and most importantly now there is a clear distinction between the effects and the presets.
  • 34 animation presets (combination of effects).
  • The ability to add multiple effects.
  • The ability to synchronize the effects.
  • You can save your combination of effects as a new preset.
  • Animate the materials using ANIMAX, with the help of the Attribute Node (Cycles & Eevee).
  • The ability to copy, paste and duplicate the effects.
  • Now it’s possible to use a curve to change the interpolation.
  • A new interpolation method (Ping-Pong).
  • You can use the proximity to an object to drive the offset (Effectors).
  • You can use a texture to drive the offset.
  • It’s possible to repeat the time, for looping the animation.
  • Global time control (Time remapping).
  • Now it’s possible to add a text procedurally, and to change its parameters, no need to separate the characters and all the extra work.
  • Animate the instances outputted from any geometry node-tree, and the ability to change the inputs from the add-on’s UI.

V 1.6.2

  • bug fix: the Paste operator not working when the effect is "None".
  • bug fix: Some operators cause crashes after Undo.

V 1.6.1

  • bug fix: Error when baking to keyframes with the effect Copy Animation.
  • bug fix: Error when selecting the objects of a collection while the collection is excluded.
  • bug fix: Error in some operator's poll when launching a search (f3).

V 1.6.0

  • bug fix: Wrong index on the UI list when deleting all the elements, it was a harmless bug, but fixed anyway.
  • New fracturing tool named “Mesh Slicing”.
  • Performance improvement, approximately double the speed in most cases, the more objects in the collection the more performance gain.
  • New, more robust way for adding the collections, now it’s possible to add multiple collections, and to enable and sort the collections in one go.
  • Bake to the delta transform.
  • Bake only the Location, the Rotation or the Scale.
  • Set the start and end frame of the baking automatically.
  • Copy/Paste the effects.
  • The possibility to invert the random direction.
  • Hide the objects of a the collection from the add-ons list.
  • “Clear Keyframes”: it’s possible specify what channels you want to remove.
  • Butterfly effect: The vibration not uniform.
  • Custom selection order speed up.
  • Small UI improvements and another round of code clean-up.

V 1.5.0

  • bug fix: Incorrect icons for the random addition (Custom mode).
  • bug fix: "Keep Original" in the "Split Operator" was not working as expected.
  • Start frame could be a negative number.
  • Exposed the "Material offset" of the Solidify modifier in the UI (Split Operator).
  • Improved performance for the Follow Curve effect + the ability to change the resolution of the curve right from the add-on's panel.
  • Refactoring of the Copy Animation effect, almost 50% speedup.
  • Shoot effect performance improvement + new parameter "Add Noise" to randomize the movement of the objects.
  • The easing list has separated words for better readability.
  • The ability to run the "Cell Fracture" add-on from the split tab (if enabled).
  • Optimization of the "Custom Selection" operator, at least 400% faster now.
  • Code cleanup and some small optimizations.

V 1.4.4

  • bug fix: Deleting the wrong Collections when using the Split operators.

V 1.4.3

  • bug fix: Rotation panel not showing up in the Custom mode (Blender 2.82).
  • bug fix: Local Rotation not showing up in the Copy Animation effect (Blender 2.82).
  • bug fix: Object selection in drop down lists not working properly.

V 1.4.1

  •  bug fix: (Scene has no attribute cursor_location), do to this change in the API on March 1st 2019. ANIMAX 1.4.0 works with the versions of Blender prior to March 1st.

V 1.4.0

  •  Upgrade to Blender 2.80 Beta.
  • Tracking the selection order is now a modal operator.
  • New parameter (Seed) for the Random Direction.
  • Now uses the new Collections system instead of the old Grouping system.

V 1.3.0 - Video demo

  •  Presets system for the Custom mode, you can save, load, and share your custom presets.
  • Convert the procedural animation to a single animated object using Shape Keys. It's pretty much the same method used in the awesome add-on Animation Joiner.
  • Now it's possible to animate the different properties without disabling the Interactive mode.

V 1.2.1

  •  bug fix: incorrect baking results when the objects are parented.

V 1.2.0 - Video demo

  •  Object Picker: To quickly pick an object.
  •  The possibility to change the location of the add-on's Panel (Tool Shelf, Properties).
  • Pushing the objects away (Custom mode, Transformers effect).
  • Local Rotation (Custom mode, Copy animation effect).
  • The possibility to sort a single direction.

V 1.1.0 - Video demo

  •  3 New Effects (Collapse, Rain, Elastic).
  •  9 New easing types.
  •  A new parameter (Offset) for the Spiral effect.


A big THANK YOU to:
Jacques Lucke Alessio

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