Animafy - Retro Anime/Animation Compositing Node

by JoJuice in Render Setups

Animafy Description!

Animafy is a compositing node for Blender 3d that brings that retro 80-90s style anime/cartoon animation style. It provides various parameters from 80s tv static fizzle, 80's hue shift, and freestyle line blur shifting. Sounds odd, but if you don't understand, it comes with these parameters filled in and ready to go automatically!

Pros- A product you own forever, a node that works great with toon shaders, works within blender.

Cons- Increases render times by about double.

"What comes in this product?"

(Base Animafy Node): Comes with the Animafy compositor node .

(Base Animafy Node Package): Comes with the Animafy compositor node with a scene including the JoJuice Toon Shaders versions 1 through 3 that can be found here.

JoJuice Toon Shaders versions 1-3:

Want more toon style shaders? Check some out here.

How Do I Install It?

Check Documentation for installation

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