Alt Tab Easy Fog

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  • Patrizio
    6 months ago

    5 stars ... very easy and powerful, bought immediately, with 2 details it deserves praise ...
    1. the previews are small and all look the same, impossible to view and remember the differences
    2. there is no reset of the chosen material, if I make a modification and reselect the starting gives me back the modified one.

  • Pepster
    7 months ago

    Hi, love you addon. I use it all the time. Not a big deal, but would love if they all had the possibility to have that density/opacity slider. Noticed that I rather choose the ones that have that slider. Or the ones existing are some way highlighted or something to more easily see.
    Also would love if more would be added in the future, really love your addon!

  • Sandro
    7 months ago

    Amazing time saving addons, interface is very clear and the price compared with other addons comment itself. Thank you for making the addon and price it for the average Joe's pocket!

  • Vectorr66
    7 months ago

    Definitely makes things easier, thanks!

  • Linus Englund
    7 months ago

    Looks very promising!
    Just tried the free version, is there a way to control the density of the fog?

    • Alt Tab

      7 months ago

      Yes, most of the setups in the full version have a dedicated density slider along side from min to max controls to fine tune the density of your fog.

  • Anthony Aragues
    7 months ago

    What's not to love? It's a complex set of shader nodes for different volumetric effects, made simple for quick use... at the price I'd pay for a single high quality material.

  • Doug Turner
    7 months ago

    Works very well. That said, you need to add the mist in top view, not in any view as in the video. You also need to add an empty, as shown, but not documented in the non-existent directions, or your mist will be just the height of your tallest object. Also, this depends greatly on your lighting, so if it seems not to do anything, play with your lights. To Alt Tab - spend 10 minutes writing a step by step tutorial. To the guy who mentioned a level of greed, there's a 4 $ difference. Wow.

  • John
    7 months ago

    Amazing addon! Does what it says! The only improvement I can think of is having the ability to adjust the density of the fog for all presets.

  • Henrik Cederblad
    7 months ago


  • Remiel
    7 months ago

    Thanks for offering a free/trial version

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