Action Commander - Game Animation Tool

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Action Commander

Action Commander is a Blender Add-on that helps manages multiple actions in your blend file with many different Utilities including switching Action, Importing FBX Actions, and Many More.

This Addon is useful for Game Development / Asset with Animation, as it is useful when your model uses many Animation

Highlighted Features

This Addon have two Main Panels, The Action Commander Panel and Action bin Panel.

Action Commander Panel

The Action Commander shows the Actions that are associate or stored in a Object. With this Panel, you can Switch Actions with Ease

Multiple Action Management

Action Commander lets you easily manage multiple actions in a Blend file. 

Animation Switching

The Core Idea of the Addon is Animation Switching with Frame Range Adjusted when you switch the action

This is Useful when you are working on multiple action sets, such as creating a animation set for your game character model

The Action is stored on the Object itself, so it will hide the other unrelated actions

Import and Load FBX Action

This Operator will Import FBX actions without mesh / armature (It works by removing the unnecessary data after import)

This is useful for user who want to Import Multiple Mixamo Animation into One file. 


Find out More about the addon on Action Commander Documentation

Kindly Report Any Bugs to me so that I can Fix is as soon as possible.


This addon is a successor of Frame Ranger and If you Already Purchased Frame Ranger on Blendermarket

Frame Ranger will be deprecated, Read Future of Frame Ranger for More Information

As a Frame Ranger Successor, Existing Customers of Frame Ranger will received Action Commander for Free


Only Works if You already Owned Frame Ranger on Blendermarket


Action Commander 1.3.0 - 23/07/2024

  1. (Tweak) Export Action to Multiple / Single Blend File - Exported Action now Use Fake User
  2. (Fix) Fix Linked Rigs Not Persist After Make Local
  3. (Fix) Fix Export Pose Marker Property Not Found (UI Error)
  4. (Fix) Fix Preview with invalid URL causes Error, it now gives a Warning Instead
  5. (Fix) Copy Selected Keyframes to Selected Actions also consider action group in graph editor

Action Commander 1.2.2 - 03/06/2024

  1. Fix "Append All" and "Link All" in "Choose and Append / Link Blend File Action" operator

Action Commander 1.2.1 - 29/05/2024

  1. Fix Missing Action Button not appearing if action is removed manually

Action Commander 1.2.0 - 21/05/2024

1. Compatible Fix for Blender 4.1
- Bake Error Fixed
- Fix Action Switching Bug Caused After Bake

2. New Features
- Improved Tag Button Layout System [Special Thanks to Xcallabbur]
- Set Icon for Action in Action List
- Preview Actions (Assign a Prerendered Video, and preview it in Movie Clip Editor when clicked)
- Export Selected Actions to Multiple Blend Files
- Copy Selected Keyframes to Selected Actions
- Add Tag Filtering to Choose and Append / Link Blend File Action
- Add Tag Filtering to Action Loader

3. Minor Updates
- Action Loader can be use to Link as well
- Action Bin Properties now uses Subpanel
- Frame Range in Listbox now Show Pose Marker Frame Range if *Use Pose Marker as Range is turned on and the pose marker are valid*

Action Commander 1.0.1 - 17/3/2024

1. Bugfix

- Fix Clear Action Remove Animation Data (Indirectly Removed Drivers)

Action Commander 1.0.0 - 9/12/2023

- First Release

Sales 100+
Customer Ratings 9
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Dev Fund Contributor
Published 7 months ago
Blender Version 4.2, 4.1, 4.0
Extension Type Add-on
License GPL
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