Blender 2.79- Character Creation For Unity For Beginners

by Yojigraphics in Training

All source files are included and available in the zip folders. 11.5 Hours of video tutorials.


Chapter 1 Character modeling

1.1-Insert references images            

1.2-Modeling the torso        

1.3-Modeling the arms        

1.4-Modeling the legs        

1.5-Modeling the head

1.6-Add details

Chapter 2 UV Mapping

2.1-Unwrap the mesh

2.2-UV map edition


Chapter 3 Baking color map

3.1-Lighting system creation with Easy HDRI

3.2-Shaders creation part 1 the armor

3.3-Shaders creation part 2 the clothes

3.4-Shaders creation part 3 the skin

3.5-Shaders creation part 4 the shoes

3.6-Color map Baking

Chapter 4 Add details in texture paint mode

4.1-Prepare the interface and the model

4.2-Add details on the arms

4.3-Add logos and tattoos

4.4-Add details on shoes

Chapter 5 Other maps creation

5.1-Normal map creation

5.2-Metallic map creation

5.3-Specular map creation

5.4-Roughness map creation

Chapter 6 Rigging

6.1-Armature creation

6.2-Parenting the armature and deformation tests

6.3-Constraint creations

6.4-Renaming the bones and armature customization

Chapter 7 Asset Creation : the gun

7.1-Insert reference image

7.2-Modeling the low poly

7.3-Add details on the high poly - the screws

7.4-Add details on the high poly – Bool tool

7.5-Add details on the high poly – Bevel the edges

7.6-Gun Shaders creation

7.7-Unwrap the lowpoly model

7.8-Baking the textures

7.8-Parenting the gun to the character

Chapter 8 Animation

8.1-Walk cycle creation

8.2-Run cycle creation

8.3-Jump creation

8.4-Idle animation creation

8.5-Shooting animation creation

8.6-Low walk cycle creation

8.7-Left and right walk cycle creation

8.8-Back walk cycle creation

8.9-Adapting cycles with target

8.10- Static poses creation

Chapter 9 export

9.1-Export grouped objects in fbx

9.2-Export separated objects in fbx

Chapter 10 Import in Unity

10.1-Import our character into Unity

10.2-Shader creation