Blender 2.8 for beginners - Sword creation

by Yojigraphics in Training

Here is a complete training dedicated to the creation of a sword in Blender 2.8. Blender is a free 3D software and opensource. During this training, you will learn all the steps to create realistic asset ready to import in game engines. All the production files are included in the training.

  • Discover a complete workflow to create a sword.

  • Apprehend the interface and keyboard shortcuts for better efficiency.

  • Get some polygonal modeling basics.

  • Discover the tools of sculpting, texturing and shading.

The creation of sword with Blender 2.8 is intended for all future users wishing to familiarize themselves with the new version of Blender or the professional wishing to update its knowledge. From the freelance graphic designer to the illustrator wanting to evolve towards free software, Blender will be an indispensable asset for your graphic and video productions.

All source files and assets packs are included into zip folders.  This training is 8 hours long.


Chapter 1 Lowpoly model creation

1.0-Introduction-Blender 2.8 overview

1.1-Adding reference images    

1.2-Grip modeling        

1.3-Blade modeling    

1.4-Guard modeling

Chapter 2 High Poly model creation

2.1-Adding details in edit mode 1 the grip

2.2-Adding details in edit mode 2 the blade

2.3-Adding details in edit mode 3 the guard

2.4-Grip's strap creation     

2.5-Adding details in sculpt mode 1 the guard

2.6-Adding details in sculpt mode 2 the grip

2.7-Adding details in sculpt mode 3 the blade and the strap

Chapter 3 UV Mapping

3.1-Unwrap the low poly model

3.2-UV Islands edition


Chapter 4 Baking textures

4.1-Baking the normal map

4.2-Baking ambient occlusion map

4.3-Baking cavity map

4.4-Baking color map base

Chapitre 5 Texture paint

5.1-Adding details on cutting edge

5.2-Adding details on the grip

5.3-Adding patterns on the blade

5.4-Fixing baking problems

Chapitre 6 model presentation

6.1-Shader creation

6.2-Render image with cycles

6.3-Render image with eevee

6.4-Turnaround animation

Chapitre 7 Export the model

7.1-Export .obj file

7.2-Import in Sketchfab

7.3-Import dans Unity

Chapitre 8 Bonus Texturing avec Substance painter

8.1-Import the model

8.2-Layer system overview

8.3-Layer system management with brush

8.4-Layer system management with polygon fill

8.5-Layer system management with stencil

8.6-Export texture set and render in Blender

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