Archiglass Pro Shader

by ddesign in Materials, Shaders, Textures

               ARCHIGLASS PRO

Is architectural glass different from the standard one used for house windows?

Yes, and that's why real-world architectural glass is very difficult to translate into CGI: the material has physical and optical properties that differ greatly from standard glass

Archiglass Pro has the most important properties of the real material:  

1) Double Index Of Refraction 

At steep angles, the objects behind the glass will have two displaced diffractions

2) Coloration based on view angle

The wavelength function has been reproduced using available physical data

3) Differently colored rim

A complex node-based geometry recognition setup has been created specifically for this shader, to automatically generate different color and properties to the sides of the mesh

4) Reflectivity slider

In addition to the typical glass reflectivity, Archiglass Pro has a property slider that adds reflections on top of the transparency  

5) Random deformation and roughness

To further enhance realism, there is an optional random-per-tile roughness and displacement property. When increased above zero, it will add slight deformations to the glass