6 Pounder Bronze Cannon - Model 1841 - American Civil War Field Gun

by MagicCGIStudios in Models

How To import this model Into Blender/ your Blender Scene:

Unzip "6_Pounder_Bronze_Cannon.7z"

(7zip if you don`t have it can be downloaded here : http://www.7-zip.org/download.html  ....its free.

After you have extracted the file:

1.Open Blender

2.Go to File........find and open `6_Pounder_Bronze_Cannon.blend`

If you are adding (Appending) the Cannon to a current scene :

3.Select: Append from the `file` drop down menu

4.Go To 6 Pounder Bronze Cannon Folder Location

5.Open: 6_Pounder_Bronze_Cannon.blend

6. Select -  Object - 6 Pounder Bronze Cannon

7. It will now appear in your scene :)

Blender Version 2.79 and Cycles render engine used to create the model

Tested in 2.80

All textures/images and associated files are included within the Blender file.

The scene also contains lights and the Camera on LAYER 2

Scale and Rotation applied

Approximate real world scale ( Adjustable of course) Imperial

(Please note the HDRI Lighting used in the Images provided is not part of this package......there are plenty of free ones available online)

Of course the Cannon can be duplicated as many times as you like using SHIFT-D - Multiple Cannons!!  Easy!! :)

Any queries please do get in touch

Hope you like my model