497 Essential Tips For Blender

by Blender Bros in Training

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  • Nathaniel
    about 1 month ago

    Yo yo yo,

    Honestly, I wish there were more offerings like this out there. I actually look forward to my lunch hour when I get to learn one new golden nugget after another to add to my skillset.

    The product is a big motivator to start thinking of all the things that are now possible with all this wonderful knowledge you just learned. I'm really happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend to a friend.

    Yet, at the same time, I would have to add a disclaimer:

    So, this may not matter to some people, but since I didn't use the add-ons Boxcutter or HardOps before this purchase, I was disappointed that I needed to cough up another $38 dollars in order to engage with those individual topics.

    Yes, I could skip those sections completely and just glean on the other videos. I know this a business and you want your product to be successful, but I believe this is mistake and you should try to find a way to sell the product that doesn't risk losing the trust of the customer.

    No, this does mean I would throw the baby out with the bathwater. This is still an outstanding product offering that has my respect. Again, I'm thankful that I found this and would recommend to others. But this is a pet peeve of mine and you need to hear the truth so you can address it and find a better solution.

    You have a great product and I wish you the best!

    * SIDE NOTE: I do want to recognize that the add-ons BoxCutter and HardOps are praised and decorated among the Blender community; and I highly recommend them both.

    I was truly shocked when I first realized what these products are capable of. They feel like they should be integrated with Blender to tell you truth. Because they really make Blender robust and powerful when it comes to speeding up workflow.

  • Danny
    3 months ago

    I've been a fan of Blender Bros before there was a "Blender Bros." I've come to look to Ryuu and Josh for all of my hard-surface problem solving and this latest offering is one for the Blender resource library for sure.

    I don't know if I'd call this a course as it is more akin to a giant resource, or encyclopedia of hard-surface techniques and solutions. The short format of the videos is perfect for someone like me who doesn't have a ton of time to sit through lengthy tutorials, especially if I only need an answer on one single aspect of a model/project.

    If you're into hard-surface modeling and are looking to add a library of quick, to the point examples of how to approach or solve problems, here it is!

  • Christopher
    3 months ago

    Damn Matt you stole my review text :D

    I can only second what he wrote and the index has been added !
    This collab shows that the blenderbros can do basicly every topic and do a solid job at it :)
    Thx for this

    • Blender Bros

      2 months ago

      Cheers Chris, we really appreciate it!

  • Matt
    3 months ago

    I’ve been following the Blender Bros because of their excellent hard surface content, but this newest release proves they can successfully cater to the needs of a large audience too.

    It’s not so much a course as a resource library you’ll be glad to have at your disposal whenever you can’t remember that one command or trick that will save you a lot of time and hassle. With almost 500 tips, there’s bound to be some stuff you already know and some you won't really care about. This will be different for everyone.

    There are already courses with a similar concept out there, but there’s not that much overlap. Blender Daily and the Blender Bros mostly cover intermediate topics and have a few extensive sections on add-ons. I picked the course up earlier today and already installed a couple of useful ones I didn’t know about.

    I love those massive 10+hour BB courses where you make something super-detailed from start to finish. However, many people enjoy short and sweet videos even more, and all videos in this course fit the bill. It makes sense though – why make a video on tapers last more than a minute if that’s how long it takes to explain the trick?

    My only minor nitpick with the course is a lack of index, a document that would list the folder structure and file names so I wouldn’t need to browse folders in order to find a specific video. Given the creators’ tendency to update their courses with new content after the fact, there’s a high chance that this will also be resolved soon.

    • Blender Bros

      3 months ago

      Thanks so much Matt! An excellent idea with the index file, we have added a pdf with a list of all folders and video titles for easy browsing. Cheers mate!

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