430 Vents And Panels

by Jean Maurice Damour in Models

430 ventilation and panel assets for Blender 2.8 and 2.79 (KIT OPS, HardOps, Speedflow and Asset Management addons).

What is it for ?

That's great for fast hardsurface modeling with boolean operations in NO SUB DIV mode for concept artwork. The assets are not game ready.

What do I need to use it ?

  1. In Blender 2.79, Blender is enough. But, the best way is to use the included libraries to work with the Asset Management addon and Speedflow addon or Hardops addon
  2. In Blender 2.80, the Hardops assets pack has been replaced by the KIT OPS pack. So you need KIT OPS addon to use it. You can find more information about the two versions of KIT OPS here:  KIT OPS Kitbashing

    For Speedflow addon and/or the Asset Management, the process is the same.

How to use it ?

In Blender 2.79 (same in 2.8, except for the KIT OPS pack) : Watch here

Does it work with KIT OPS in Blender 2.8 ?


How to install KIT OPS pack in Blender 2.8 ?

Watch here

How to import the Speedflow pack from Blender 2.79 in Blender 2.8 ?

Watch here

Can I use them for kitbashing ?

Yes, sure! You'll get all assets as kitbash pack as well!

Uv's ?

Yes !

Product preview ?

Download here