30 human and creature eyeball set

by Daniel F.R. Gordillo in Models

30 human & creature eyeball set

Human, Cat-like, Goat-or-octopus-like, fresh zombie, rotting zombie, demon AND 5 NEW "ALIEN" EYES! ... they're all here! Add personality to your characters and sculptures with this 25-piece set of eyes with animatable Iris and modular interchangeable 4K textures and materials! I found myself making the same eyes again and again for my creatures, so I decided to spend some time and produce this asset library so I could focus in the other aspects of character development. There's 5 different models and 25 variations but you can create more just by re-combining materials, but there's also the option of adding new colors in the material's nodes and create your own!

Polygon Count:

  1. Human eye mesh: 1248 triangles
  2. Cat eye mesh: 960 triangles
  3. Goat eye mesh: 864 triangles
  4. Zombie eye mesh: 1120 triangles
  5. Low Poly Human eye mesh: 304 triangles



  • 5 different eye models: Human, Cat, Goat, Zombie and a Low-Poly human version

  • 3 4096x4096 PNG textures: Diffuse, Normal and RGB mask

  • 2 outer eye materials: normal (transparent) and decayed

  • 3 sclera materials: normal, bloody and black

  • 6 human iris materials

  • 6 cat-like iris materials

  • 6 goat-like iris materials

  • 3 “zombie” iris materials

  • plus, the low-poly human eye has a sclera, pupil and iris procedural materials

All eyes, except zombie and low-poly have a shape-key to control the Iris aperture.


The materials are modular, and are defined per object instead of data, so you can have different materials set to instanced/linked copies of the same object.

The pupil/iris/sclera/outer eye are interchangeable, so you can mix any Iris material with any sclera material, and choose between clean or decayed finish: the human and zombie textures work well in all models, but the cat and goat textures only do it in their respective models.

The RGB mask texture works by separating it's values to create different textures with the color ramp node. There's a special Node Group included to use with this file.



Layer 1 contains all 6 human eyes

Layer 2 contains all 6 cat-like eyes

Layer 3 contains all 6 goat-like eyes

Layer 4 contains all 6 Zombie eyes

And layer 5 contains the Low-poly eye with procedural shaders


How to: Append any eye into a Scene:

  1. Create or open a .blend file
  2. press Shift F1 or File -> Append
  3. find this .blend and select it
  4. go into Object
  5. All the eyeballs are named like this [Type].eye.[Color]  (Human.eye.darkBrown or Zombie.eye.blue.decayed)
  6. select the desired object
  7. press "Link/Append from Library"

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  • bmv2011 7 months ago

    Excellent quality set of eyes for all types of creatures.

  • Vavrinec Foltan over 2 years ago

    Very good and many eyes. I like to use them. It took me to realize that the scale is locked. good work.

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