20 Empty Interior-Ready Scenes - Cycles Engine

by Benianus 3d in Models

I use blender since the version 2.80 release, in this period I create over 20 interior scenes, I have featured in Blendernation many times in most of them.

you can see it in my portfolio: benianus.artstation.com

I decided to share my experience with you by creating 20 empty interior scenes ready for render, and ready for put your objects on it and click render and get the best result.

These scenes are created for cycles render engine(not eevee), you can use it for learning how to create interiors with a realistic lighting if you are a beginner, or visualize your product, or use it for saving time and get the deadlines

What's in these scenes?

- Cycles render engine settings (not eevee)

- Lighting set-ups

- Different types of lighting ( HDRI, Background, Sky texture, Sun lamp,...etc)

- Post-production composition nodes ready

- Empty scene (without furniture) for freedom customization 

- Different light bounces setup

Type of spaces?

- 04 Living rooms

- 04 Bedrooms

- 02 Bathrooms

- 02 Kitchens

- 02 Diningroom

- 03 Seats

- 03 Lofts

I'll grow this Collection with the time with various projects, technique and shots.

Enjoy it and get the interior 3d art realism!


  1. the Megascans texture inside the .blend file is untouched (not edited). Get a Megascans subscription and download the exact same textures i used. You will just have to update the texture path file directory and You will have the same node setup as yours with their own licensed Megascans textures.