10 Hdris - Automotive - Mix - Pack 01

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If you are interested in improving the level of realism of your renders, either for commercial or personal works, while being efficient in the process and keeping on budget, then this product packed with pro-grade assets will really like you!

  • Buying this pack you will be saving 30%! This implies the following price reduction in comparison to buying them individually:
    • Freelance/Personal: $120 - $85 = You save $35
    • Studio: $320 - $225 = You save $95
    • Company: $960 - $675 = You save $285
  • Includes 5 exclusive HDRIs that are not sold separately. 
  • Royalty-free license! Use this pack for either commercial or personal works. Know more about it and the different pricing tags below.

What do I get?

These are the elements that this product includes in any of the options you decide to purchase:

  • 10 HDRI at 10.000 x 5.000 pixels resolution (HDR) (static)
  • 6 HDRI at 10.000 x 5.000 pixels resolution (HDR) (with motion blur)
  • 10 HDRI preview at 2.500 x 1.250 pixels resolution
  • 385 Backplates at 4.928 x 3.264 pixels (JPG)*

Below you will find the list of the individual HDRIs included in this pack to know in further detail its content:

  • HDRI / 001 - Mountain road - Midday - Overcast
  • HDRI / 002 - River Bank - Morning / Afternoon - Clear
  • HDRI / 003 - Mountain road - Morning / Afternoon - Clear
  • HDRI / 004 - Mountain lake - Morning / Afternoon - Clear
  • HDRI / 005 - Race track - Midday - Clear

+ The following 5 Exclusive HDRIs

  • HDRI / 007 - Desert lake road - Midday - Clear
  • HDRI / 008 - Old village - Midday - Partially clouded
  • HDRI / 009 - Mountain road - Morning / Afternoon - Partially clouded
  • HDRI / 010 - Mountain dirt road - Sunset _ Sunrise - Partially clouded
  • HDRI / 011 - Rainy desert road - Midday - Overcast

Preview of the different landscape backplates you will be getting!

What are the benefits of this product?

These are some of the main features:

  • Royalty-free license! Use this pack for either commercial or personal works. Purchase once and use it for your works! A product with a license type that will meet most of the needs that every 3D artist, freelancer, studio, or company has to face every day. Please read our License Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing / downloading / using any of our products.
  • Professional quality. A product calibrated to have accurate lighting and great reflections, at an affordable price.
  • Variety! Lots of different backplates for you to choose the best angle and in its original lighting condition (no biased lighting retouch was done).
  • Render ready. HDRI maps specially retouched to ensure a very easy to use / “Load and render” workflow. You will only need to adjust the light multiplier according to the mood you want to achieve in your render. It includes static and motion blurred HDRI versions!
  • 0 Artifacts. HDRI maps with no artifacts like lens flares, chromatic aberration, bad stitching, or strange shadows.
  • Tested solutions. Each HDRI is tested and improved up to the point we ensure that you will be able to make extremely professional looking renders.

Quality sample preview of 1 of the HDRIs Included in this pack

What differs your HDRIs from the others?

  • The ones we offered are calibrated to give you accurate lighting results and enough resolution to have sharp reflections while keeping a relatively light file that is easy to handle for almost any computer.
  • Also, it comes with a lot of backplates for you to choose the best angle, a “static” HDRI, and an HDRI with motion blur ready to be used.

What is the difference between the price tags?

We want to be really sincere with you. We are a small studio and we know that not everybody has Pixar’s budget.

That is why we decided that the best way to offer this product and be fair is by splitting it by ranges. The "Personal/Freelancer" is for everybody who develops his work on his own. The studio one is when you are already scaling up as a service provider and the company one is for those who are already settled. The revenue is meant to be considered as orientation when deciding.

To be clear there are no differences either in terms of quality (you will receive the same product) or in terms of license type (you will be able to use them for commercial and personal works).

In addition to this, we set the price at the lowest we believe it can be affordable for those different tiers and fair for our work / effort.

The decision of which "price tag" to choose relies absolutely upon you, and we decided to trust you!

What is an HDRI?

HDRI is the abbreviation of “High Dynamic Range Image” and in the CG / 3D universe it refers to a full 360ºx180º panorama that has a lot of lighting information in it.

The simplest way to describe the utility of this type of files is that their purpose is to recreate real-world lighting / reflections conditions into your 3D software of preference, in order to let you enhance the level of realism of your works (compositions especially) in a very simple way.

Test scene with different materials rendered with Cycles

Important notes

The 3D models shown in the previews are not included in this pack.

*HDRI 003 and 008 contain backplates without their Exif data (lens information). Also, 008 backplate pixel resolution is slightly minor.

Render by Pablo Daniel Ruggeri Acción Arstation - Behance


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