Top 5 Nature Products

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Spring is in the air! The time of young grass, beautiful flowers, and the first warm rays of sunshine is upon us and with it, a chance to give your renders that crisp, springy look. Here are the Top 5 tools to help you achieve it.

The Grass Essentials ($44)

Professional-Quality Grass


 From the labs of Andrew Price, aka Blender Guru, comes this powerful pack of grass models and particle systems. In Andrew's words, "my grass is easily importable into any scene to achieve beautiful grass". The pack includes high-quality models and various high-res textures to use on the ground. With 15 grass species and up to 49 model variations for each (a total of 471 grass models!), the grass is highly customizable. Beginners with a minimum Blender knowledge will appreciate that the pack comes with handy tutorials. These will help you to achieve amazing results immediately thanks to the custom menus for each grass model.

Bottom line: If your project requires you to create photorealistic grass, weeds, and flowers, this is the perfect pack for you.

Nature Asset Pack ($10)

Realistic Nature on a Budget

Nature asset pack

Tired of spending hours modeling and texturing nature assets to add to your scenes? Here's your solution: Steve Lund's nature pack which includes 17 models of the basic, most commonly used natural assets: rocks, grass, flowers and leaves, all with easy-to-use material groups and adjustable settings. At the price of a pizza, this asset pack will have you covered for most of your nature needs. No wonder this is one of our ultimate bestsellers! 

Bottom line: If you want good quality and basic natural elements in your scene without breaking bank, this is the right choice for you.

Flowers Pack ($15)

Let Your Scene Bloom


If you’re looking to add stunning flowers with beautiful, intricate detail, meet this gorgeous Flower Pack.

With 13 ready-to-use assets, you can let your spring scene bloom with bold red tulips, gentle blue muscaris or bright yellow daffodils. The flowers come with attached particle systems, so you can change the distribution of flowers and leaves to make it your own.

Bottom line: Grab the Flower Pack if realistic, professional-looking flowers are an important element in your scene - or if you want to create a stunning 3D flower bouquet.

Space Tree Pro ($29.95)

Create a "Smart Tree" in Minutes


Real trees are an active part of their environment: they grow in size depending on the available sunlight, avoid growing into their surrounding objects (duh) or grow in groups of several similar trees.

Space Tree Pro allows you to create smart trees that replicate these properties, making them more believable. Create multiple trees from scratch quickly while keeping them unique and realistic, then customize them by adding leaves and fruit. You can also use example trees as a basis for your own look. As a final touch, you can make individual trees stand out to become "hero" trees, using a simple grease pencil.

Bottom line: This smart add-on is for you if you want versatile trees that are not the central focus of your scene. You will achieve a realistic tree look without excessive detail - while using a quick, efficient workflow.

Mirage ($25)

Automated Landscape Generator


 Mirage is a comprehensive tool for creating nature work in Blender, "from the terrain to the smallest rock". Imagine building your natural scene in a few steps. First, create your terrain: do you want it hilly or flat? How high should it be above sea level? Next, add trees with a single click to achieve a realistic distribution in the terrain. Got water? Let's create a few islands! Mirage automates tedious parts of the workflow to help you achieve realistic results faster without giving up control over the final look.

Bottom line: If you want an easy-to-use landscape generator that makes the process quick and gets you great results each time, look no further.


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