5 Best Architectural Products

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Creating convincing architectural renders is time-consuming and requires serious skill, but there are a few handy tools out there that can save time and get you the desired result with less sweat. Here are our 5 architectural superstars, selected for their practicality and ease of use. Give them a try and you will soon wonder how you could have been without them!

BlendUp: Convert SketchUp to Blender ($35)

Have you ever wanted to export a SketchUp model to Blender so you could create a nice render? BlendUp is a SketchUp plug-in that converts your models to Blender, exporting clean Blender geometries that closely match your SketchUp source model. BlendUp preserves hierarchy, maintains accurate dimensions, and automatically converts materials! This is an incredible time- and stress-saver for your next architectural project; create your initial models in SketchUp, move them to Blender quickly and seamlessly and create stunning renders in no time. No wonder this addon has received roaring praise from users and is one of the best-selling Blender Market products. Still not convinced? Try BlendUp Lite for free first!

Architecture Dimension Tool ($19.90)

Archi_dim_img_890x445_01Whether you are creating an architectural plan, elevation or simple woodworking project, a lot of times you need to add dimensions to your objects. Archi-Dimensions allows you to add dimensions in edit mode or object mode, add dimensions fitting your selected vertices in your desired angle and axis.

Snap Utilities: Precise Measurements ($19.90)

Capa3Snap Utilities gives you a quick & easy way to model with the precision of, well, an architect. Perfect for modeling exterior or interior, Snap Utilities implements 4 main tools for object editing. LINE allows the creating of edges with specific parameters, MOVE allows you to move an object from a starting to an endpoint, ROTATE serves for object rotation and PUSH/PULL lets you extrude with automatically intersecting faces. Taking the guesswork out of modeling, Snap Utilities ensures that all your buildings, furniture, and equipment are created with absolute precision, resulting in stunningly accurate renders.

193 IKEA Models: Let's Decorate! ($29.95)

bedroom_daylight_sceneReady to create your dream bedroom? If you want to save time by using ready-made models, look no further. Complete with 193 models, 2 scenes and 49 textures, and using real-life sizes and proportions based on actual IKEA models, this asset pack is a life-saver. From closets to carpets, it has all the assets you might need to decorate your Blender dream house and add thoughtful detail like paintings or pillows. Choose your color variation and get decorating!

Brick and Tile Shader & Texture Pack ($45)

brick-tile_feature1With 35 textures ready to drop right into your project, this powerful texture pack is all you need to create stunning surfaces. Ideal for floors, walls, and roofs, it includes a fine-tuned material specific to each texture for a truly unique and realistic look. Not satisfied with the included textures? Adjust them to create your own! All of the bundled materials are based on an advanced node shader, built by Kent Trammell. This node group shader can be customized to your heart’s content, making it very easy to adjust the shader to your specific needs



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